Network page changes



HI all!

Finally, our network page represent our Network Guidelines. There are now new group types on the page -

  1. Established Groups
  2. Incubating groups
  3. Hybernated groups

If your group is not in the category you think they should be OR you have questions about it, please use this thread or ping

Next steps - new design for the page (so, for example, we can finally present OK Scotland correctly @ewan)

Let me know what you think!


@nouman_nazim @oluseun @titinto @genova


And we finally represent Scotland correctly! @ewan_klein @ewan let us know if it’s ok -


Thanks @Mor! I love the little Saltire.

I notice that there is some markup not rendering properly in the bit of blurb about me, and maybe it’s time to refresh the text in any case. Is this possible?


We can always update the content! :slight_smile:
Send me an email with the wording you would like to have on your page.