New Member Introductions


Greetings all,
I am Maria Crosas, a journalist based in Birmingham and studying an Online Journalism MA. I became interested in open data and data journalism on 2013 when I discovered the OKFN chapter in Spain. I am willing to learn more here and contribute to a better data transparency with journalism projects and visualizations.

Looking forward to sharing and exchange discussions here.


My name is Antoine (from Paris) and I’m involved in the Open Law movement. I’m especially interested in the availability of court documents ( Access to case law in “Legislation” dataset ).

Looking forward to sharing and exchange discussions here!



Greetings to all, I am Michael Jones. Currently the Marketing and SEO manager of . It’s nice to be a member of the group.


I’m Everet, I’m a PhD student of economics in New York, and I’m interested in learning about, practicing, and promoting replication, sharing data and code, and open access in academic economics publishing.


Hi folks,

I first found out about OKFN (as they were called back then) in early 2007 and reached out to Rufus directly as my 1st port of call. We’ve met a couple of times since.

A quick online search will show you that I’ve been actively involved in “open” related projects from around that time.

Specifically in terms of here in Scotland, I am well acquainted with Ewan Klein and several others mainly OER related as matters stand.

Thanks to Ewan, a small bunch of us now run #OpenDataGLA events here in Glasgow every two months or so.


Hi there,

I’m Mathilde, currently in Oxford coordinating an EU-funded clinical project. I spent 5 months last year drafting an open access strategy for the Institut Laue-Langevin in France; unfortunately 5 months is a rather short time to initiate cultural change in a research institution (or any kind of institution, for that matter). Anyway, that’s how I started being interested in open access and open science, and eventually landed here. Looking forward to seeing how I can contribute!


I’m Shamus, a lawyer by training, interested in justice sector reform and improving court performance and transparency. I’m interested in learning what court data (decisions and institutional/procedural) is being made available and how to promote open publication of this information by courts.


Dear all,
my name is Tom and I work in the Information Security field.
I came here from the experience with the italian open data community Spaghetti Open Data. I hope to be able to help and contribute to this community too.

take care


Hi everyone. I’m Javiera and I work in academia. I’m one of the 3 co-coordinators of the Open Education Working Group, my role is basically support the community and their projects, and take care of the twitter account and blogs and support events. My research is focused in Open Data as teaching and learning resources. Happy to be part of this community!


Hello everyone. My name is Padmanabha Joshi(‘PJ’). I am a data science enthusiast. I have my own concern and am working as a web developer/consultant/freelancer. Occasionally I contribute to open source projects because I believe in helping others and being part of the bigger picture. If anyone needs a helping hand in their projects/ideas I would love to help out. Originally I am from India, currently living in sunny Florida.


Hi everyone! My name is Damian Avellino, I am biotechnologist and I live in Bologna.
I’m close to the biohacker movement even if in Italy there aren’t a lot of people experimenting.
I strongly belive in Open Science and Open Education and with other students here in Bologna we are tryin’ to make projects that enance collective intelligence and scientific research in an inclusive way.
Looking forward to help, share and discuss!


Hi all!

My name is Sicco van Sas. I’m a developer at Open State Foundation; a Dutch organisation promoting digital (governmental) transparency by unlocking open data and stimulates the development of innovative and creative applications.

Just found out about this forum; have been watching the OK Google Groups for several years, but seems the discussion is moving here :smiley:!


Im’ gonna be lazy and mostly copy Sicco’s intro :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi all!

My name is Breyten Ernsting. I’m a developer at Open State Foundation; a Dutch organisation promoting digital (governmental) transparency by unlocking open data and stimulates the development of innovative and creative applications.


Hi everyone,

I’m Ross, and I’ve been in and around the open knowledge community for a while now.
I first went to an Open Knowledge conference in Berlin in 2011, to talk about the lack of open data and open access in palaeontology. Then in 2012 I won one of the first Panton Fellowships for open data in science. Ever since I have been agitating for increased openness in academia (…we have a long way to go on that!).

Currently I’m a postdoc in the plant sciences department at the University of Cambridge, but I live in London and so you’ll be sure to find me at most of the Open Knowledge London Meetups.

If by chance you’re in Cambridge and interested in open research, do check out the related ‘OpenConCam’ community of activists in that area :slight_smile:


Hello everyone,

I’m John Levin, live in London, interested in open humanities, especially in the fields of law, economics and history.
Have been involved with OKFN on and off for quite a few years. Would very much like to see the humanities side get moving again.


Educação Aberta

Hello all,

My name is Pedro and I am working as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oulu. I am here because I very very disappointed with my academic life for many reasons. In a nutshell, the career is much more about self-reproduction than social applicability (and strongly related to privatize what should be public outputs).

I am nowadays search for people with similar mindset who believe that knowledge is commons.

I hope to find my place in this community and help in anything that I can.

All the best,


ps. About my academic career here
ps2. About a project that I am trying to carry out called Commons University Association


Hello everyone! I am Viviane Vladimirschi, a doctoral candidate and OER researcher from São Paulo, Brazil. I study at Athabasca University, Alberta, Canada and my research study is geared towards undertaking an intervention in a Brazilian K-12 public school to plan, design, and implement a pilot OER Development Course (ODC) for the teachers who participate in the study, and measure its effectiveness in terms of awareness-raising strategies, content taught, and instructional approaches utilized so as to extract OER learning design principles. On May 19th I will undergo the candidacy exam and subsequently, if all goes well, I expect to initiate my study. It is a pleasure to be part of this community, learn with and from you all, and soon contribute to this community with my experience here in Brazil. I look very much forward to this rich intercultural collaborative open exchange. :smile:


Greetings OKers!
I’m Jamison Miller, a PhD candidate in education at the College of William and Mary in Virginia, USA and a member of the Global OER Graduate Network (GO-GN). I am interested in theoretical grounding in open education, open education practices, open access, and open policy. My work is informed by critical social theory, and I am most interested in the emancipatory potentials of open in education.

Happy to be posting right after Viviane, a fellow GO-GN member who I met at the Open Education Consortium meeting in Kraków last month–hi, Viviane! Very pleased to find this group, and looking forward to engaging with the OK International Network.


Hello everyone!

I am Riccardo, a software developer from Milano, Italy and close to finish my PhD in computer science. I work in the eCommerce domain, and interested in the publication, sharing and reuse of open data in such domain.

I am looking forward to contribute to the community!


Hello everyone, my name is Pinkie. I’m an open data advocate and practitioner based in Cambodia. I am currently supporting a regional open data scale-up to provide relevant, timely, and actionable information on development trends in the Mekong Region with Open Development Initiative.

Looking forward to connecting with and learning from the community.