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Hi, I’m Scott and I’m an atmospheric scientist working around the world on air pollution projects. My work at the moment is spread between China, Saudi Arabia and the UK. I’m based in Glasgow, Scotland. I am a keen data scientist and many long days are spent developing pollution models and data visualisation platforms in R, Python and various GIS suites.

I’d like to see the UK and more specifically the Scottish Government, Local Government, and NGOs completely open up any datasets that have potential for third parties to add societal or commercial value. My gut is that there is a vast amount of data that could be generating wealth, employment and more importantly opportunities for developing public understanding of our environment.

My firm belief is that if the public paid for it, the data should be open- and that this should apply evenly to governments, academia, and the private sector working on public sector contracts.


Welcome @scottlynn73! You might be interested in our Frictionless Data work that makes it easy to describe your data in a standard way for import in R, Python Pandas, or any other backend.


Cool @ThomasPe!

@dannylammerhirt is our man for research, so contact him as well :slight_smile:



I guess you already know @dianemercier! Welcome on board


Hi @Brandon_Warner! We work with Sunlight on the city census, so make you sure you are in touch with them as well. PM @tlacoyodefrijol if you need help!


Thanks @Mor,
Bonjour @francoispelletier
Je t’ai accordé un badge du groupe local au Canada.

Merci de communiquer avec moi au sujet de la Journée internationale des données ouvertes 2017. J’ai placé une mention dans le wiki ODD :



Je te contacterai bientôt pour JIDO 2017.


Hi, my name is Oscar, I’m librarian and run this site

Please we’re looking if can evaluate for the category legislation, is about 23,000 argentine health legislation bills, each one with unique ID, fulltext and relationships.

Thank you,
All the best,


Hi all
(especially @mor and @tlacoyodefrijol whom I met them in IODC)

I’m Mohammad, reaching you from Iran, as a member of Transparency4Iran, a civic group which try to promote transparency and open data in Iran. We are doing some projects in Open Data and Open Government, for example, PhD thesis, M.A. dissertation, 16-weeks-long course (also about different aspects of transparency and open data) in Persian, creating promotional contents like motion graphics, posters, national TV Programs and some other things.

Our main project in open data is “ODPO” (Open Data POrtal). in OPDO we are trying to gather and standardise (up to 5-star level) all available governmental data. Hopefully, will launch ODPO around mid-December this year.

finally, looking forward to contribute to the community! :slight_smile:


Hello all,

My name is Yekta, and I am a research assistant in METU, Turkey. I am doing my PhD on open design for sustainability, with a focus on small kitchen appliances. I am particularly interested in the open design and production of everyday objects and its relation to sustainable design topics like post-use services (repair, reuse, upgrading, etc.) and personalization.

I am here to contribute to the community anyway I can, and look for people who would like to work on academic projects with topics similar to my interests.



Hi all!

Thrilled to be here :slight_smile:

I work in New Zealand - with central government on large web projects as a content designer, and with local government in areas around service design and agile regulation/policy :slight_smile:

I’m a huge open data / open gov / open source fan and vocal advocate, and I’m also involved in NZ’s civic tech scene as founder of the very new openciv project/group.

Finally, I’m national coordinator for GovHack NZ 2017.

I’m here to learn as much as I can, and contribute and collaborate in any way possible :slight_smile:


Hi Aimee! Great to see you here! Will be good to connect again to the open data community in New Zealand!


Hi @yektab! Welcome on board. We haven’t dealt with Open Design for a while, but will be good to revamp some ideas. @christianvillum or @KatelynRogers might know some stuff about it


Hi @OscarB - do you mean evaluating for the Global Open Data Index? If so, @tlacoyodefrijol is your person


Hi @yektab (and thanks for the intro, @Mor). Glad to hear you’re supportive of open design and open manufacturing. Happy to connect if useful. One way to do so is to get involved with me and others in the Open Design and Hardware group ( Alternatively I’m also involved in open manufacturing activities as part of the Danish Design Centre, among other building the RE:MODEL design program for open source business models in manufacturing (see Let me know if you’re interested in any of that.
Cheers, Christian


Yes! You’re most welcome to PM me, if you want, to fill me on your previous experiences/connections :slight_smile:


Hi @Mor - yes thanks, then I write to him.


I’m Wagner Oliveira, researcher from FGV DAPP - Department of Public Policy Analysis of Fundação Getulio Vargas, a brazilian think tank on applied social sciences.
I’m one of the researchers responsible for submitting datasets for Brazil in the 2016 ODI and also for local data census of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.


Hello everyone,

My name is Mikhail. I am an open data expert, currently working as a Deputy Head in the Department for IT and data processing for the Analytical center of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Here some of my achievements in open data/open government data since 2013:
 co-author of the methodology on publishing open government data ver.2.3. 3.0 and 3.1 (ver.2.3 [in english] ver.3.0 [in russian]
 delegate of the EDF 2014 (
 co-architect, PM and analyst of the Open data portal of Russia from scratch
 co-host of seminars with civil servants of all levels (federal executive bodies + regional and municipal levels) ( on methodology implementation as well as events directly with Ministry of economic development (, Ministry of education
 experience in role-playing game for civil servants on open data making process
 participant of the first hackathon (winner in a special nomination with web-service Revizor - reminders about government’s inspections)
 mentor of the 2nd Federal hackathon in Russia
 organizer of the 4th Federal hackathon in Russia
According to my previous experience in open data I might be helpful in analytics and management, methodological support of publishing open data, researching and implementing best practices.


@scottlynn73 Have you come across this initiative?

Sensing the City: A low-cost mobile air quality sensor network

We are hoping to do something similar in Edinburgh in the coming months (but hopefully with more accurate NO2 sensors).