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Hi @ewan_klein - if you’d like to try out these sensors:

let me know, I might be able to help. We are doing a trial in Munich and looking for other cities. I know there isn’t much info there so if you PM me an email address I can send you a data sheet. We measure PM, NO2, CO and Ozone.


Hi, I am Pedro, I am Brazilian Mechanical Engineer working in the Energy Generation industry. I have been working with python since 2011, mostly in personal projects. I started working a lot with pandas, diving into data science, machine learning and I stumbled upon Open Knowledge this week.

Although I try to see far into what data enables us to do, I am always amazed to see what is actually done with it, what we are capacle of developing.


Hi Pedro, nice to see you here!
There are many Brazilians in the forum, and even a category for the local group of OK Brazil. I recommend you will check it out. @arielkogan


Hello, @Wagner_Faria_de_Oliv, and welcome to the Open Knowledge forums!

I have been participating on the Brazilian entry on the Open Data Index since the beginning, and have contributed to Open Knowledge projects since 2009. It is really nice to be able to count with help from the FGV in a systematic way this year, especially considering the local indexes, which were almost non-existent thus far.

I believe the partnership Open Knowledge Brasil formed with FGV for the Open Data Index will be quite beneficial so we can learn more about what open data is available in Brazil.


Hi all,

I’m Franck, computer scientist at the I3S laboratory in France. I’m involved in research activities around data sharing and the Web of Data. In particular I’m working on the publication of linked open data with the french National Museum of Natural History.
Looking forward to discussing with you guys.



Salut, Franck, et bienvenu!
J’ai appris un petit peu de Français, mais encore ne suis pas très bien en ça.

I have been a linked open data enthusiast myself and look forward to see you share your progress with this project and knowledge about the theme. Since you are dealing with museum linked open data, I suppose you are using CIDOC-CRM?



Bom dia Augusto,

Thx for your message. Actually I’ve heard about the projects working with CIDOC-CRM at the Museeum, but this is not my case. I’m working on a project called TAXREF: this is a rich, controlled, curated thesaurus of over 500’000 scientific names of leaving being observed on the French territories (mainland and overseas). It is elaborated by biologists and connects to large international references like AlgaeBase, Worms, etc. and projects like the GBIF.

Initially this is delivered as a downloadable CSV file, and we have worked with people from the Museum to produce a SKOS representation of this thesaurus. Our point today is to enrich it with more links to other reference datasets, with annotations about discoverability (typically using DCAT, VoID) and publish it on the web.
We have already experimented a URI dereferencing access and a SPARQL endpoint. This setting is not yet ready for production but this is the goal. In a first step, the dataset could be published on I’m working on that right now.



Bonjour, Franck.

That all sounds really cool! Please let me know when the dataset is available, or if you happen to write something (e.g. a blog post) about the details of the implementation.



Hi all

I’m Kay from New Zealand. I volunteer for technology challenges (“hackathons”) with HackMiramar ( ) in New Zealand. I also helped run GovHack in Wellington in 2016 which used open data sets to build MVPs (minimum viable projects) for an Australia + New Zealand competition. See GovHack NZ for information about the event and project entries at GovHack 2016 Projects

I didn’t see a Badge for New Zealand in the groups section. Pity because there are lots of open data and open government initiatives launched and running in New Zealand. Maybe we’re too busy doing to remember to share the good news?

I’m also unsure how New Zealand open data people can best contribute to the Global Open Data survey. So much going on, how to start listing? There are over 4,000 open data sets in Data.Govt.NZ and more added all the time. Some nonprofit groups have started opening up their data for sharing too.

Kay Jones


Hi — I’m Stewart from Canada. I’ve been a fairly long-term (if niche) OpenStreetMap contributor. Unfortunately, Canada is rife with non-reusable licences, so using the data is hard unless you have the resources of a good legal team.

I also work with open power generation data, mostly for conservation and renewable energy.


Hi, My name is Vladimir Hernández from Colombia.


Hi @Kay welcome! I will be happy to get news from New Zealand. Any chance you can write a blog post about your work there?


Hi I’m Alexandra Aguirre, brazilian, journalist, PhD in Science Socials and very excite for being here, hi to everyone.


Welcome @scruss! Have you seen our Frictionless Data case study on publishing power system data in the open using Data Packages?


I hadn’t - thanks! Doesn’t look as if it has many users already in North America, though.

I’m working/fighting with data formats like this: which appears to be a format entirely unique to our province.


My name is Stephen Matenga the Secretary-General of the National Association of Freelance Journalists (NAFJ) in Zimbabwe. I have interests in data journalism and open governancy


I’m Jospeh De Guia from the Philippines, I’m the local group ambassador and an advocate of open data. I have been a local researcher and reviewer for the Philippines of the Open Data Barometer and have been organizing Open Data Day since 2015. I have joined the Open Knowledge Festival 2014 at Berlin and was able to meet the Open Knowledge International team members. Since then, I was active locally and engaged in the local open government data advocacy in my country. You can visit our Facebook public group Open Knowledge Philippines. Thank you. :wink:


Hi there,
I am Fabian, an academic researcher in the field of innovation/healthcare economics from Munich, Germany. I’ve been looking for an open access solution to clinical trials data for quite a while. Your work is greatly appreciated and from what I have seen so far, I can only congratulate you on this incredible job!


I’m David. I’m a software developer based in Madagascar and volunteer in CoderDojo and CoderBus Madagascar.
I’m interested in everything open and making change.
I’m looking forward to exciting discussions.


Consultant and Systems Engineer. Ph.D Science of Education at the Universidad Mayor, Real y Pontificia San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca. Red Clara Scholarship Competitive Research Projects sponsored by ADSIB. Specializing in E-Business TEC Monterrey - CAINCO. International Fellowship Course in Innovation UPSA - Valparaiso University Master of Higher Education University of NUR.
Postgraduate in Public Policy from Transredes- Andres Bello Convention, Society of Engineers of Santa Cruz and the Universidad Andina Simón Bolívar.
Graduate “Development Project Management” and International Certification “Formulation, Administration and Project Evaluation” UPSA - IDB.
Postgraduate in “Management Studies” UPSA.