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Hi, my name is Mark and I work for a certain consultancy where I help companies implement AxadSystem and microsoft dynamics erp. I’ve registered here as this community was recommended to me by a colleague. I hope I will have a chance to interact with other users and be able to share my knowledge with them.


Hi My name is Jonathan Bourne, I’m doing a Phd in Complex networks and the Power Grid in UCL in the UK. I’m currently working on a project looking at council tax data and previously used census and electoral data to analyse how ethnic diversity affected the brexit vote (My incredibly un prolific blog). I’m also talking to the Information Commissionars office in the UK to get a policy change so that all datasets are have an open government licence unless otherwise specified, which would really help data gathering for research.


Welcome @JonnoB! Thanks for joining!


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Hello everyone,

My name is Darcy and I am an Australian educator interested in how we develop students from K-12 to understand personal data and how it can benefit them as well as ethical considerations. This includes all the available data collected by and on them and how to access it/understand it. I am particularly interested in how medical and DNA data could be employed by the individual to help with personal management of wellbeing.

Do you know other educators interested in a wide-ranging interpolation of digital citizenship could be as I would love to connect? email:


Hello everyone,

My name is Predrag. Greeting from Serbia. :slight_smile:

I am a lawyer/activist on the field of good governance, transparency, tax education.

Recently my team called “Tax Busters” won the Balkan competition “Ministry of data” dealing with creative use of open data. Our winning idea is based on opening fiscal and budget data on a local level communities in Serbia. Since there are no such other initiatives in our country, we would be very thankful for any advice in further advancement of our idea- web portal in the making.

Also, i would like to point that i feel really great to be here, among talented and driven people who engage in creating a change, not waiting for the change to come to them.

Best regards,


I’m Tony Narlock, an open source programmer from United States. I am founder of the cihai project, a united front for digitizing CJK data sets under permissive licenses for all.

At cihai, the motivation is to handle a couple of “pain points” with CJK data, for one we need to verify the licensing of the datasets so they’re permissive as possible, so people in academia, public, and private can utilize them how they see fit. We also need to continually be on the look out for new datasets to digitize and preserve. A few years ago, I stumbled upon data packages. I am making all data sets I incorporate into cihai compatible with data packages / tabular data. This means CJK datasets will be programming language agnostic and open to the world, in a consistent way.

Our front end will be in the spirit of cjklib. Our backend will be pure datasets and the programming formulas used to process them to data packages.

Please check out the project at and Let’s free the glyphs.


I love the sound of that. Meta community of Open Science. I am Dennis Irorere



I’m a programmer from Brazil. I recently started doing some research about barcodes in order to build an niche app that includes finding product and brand information given a barcode. Given how much one would need to pay for the official entities in order to have access to such information, I’m considering crowd-sourcing the information through my own future users.

I’m considering building a general-purpose barcode information crowd-sourcing system, since it won’t be much harder than targetting my niche only anyway. I saw that okfn nowadays owns a database of a little under one million products that doesn’t seem to be updated since 2013 or so. I’ll take a deeper look at the databases available in the following days and may use them as a starting point.


Olá, @bigato, seja bem vindo(a)!

You’re probably referring to OKI’s Open Product Data project and database. It seems like the project has been abandoned, or at least left stale for a long time, judging from the lack of activity in the mailing list.

Perhaps you can help revitalize it, and bring it under the OKFNLabs banner. I would try posting something about it on the Open Knowledge Labs Forum here

I would definitely like to keep an eye on whatever your new developments are regarding this in the future.


I’ll keep you guys posted. I’ll probably prioritize have my niche solution up and running first, but I’ll definitely benefit from having a general purpose, crowd-sourced database working reliably, so I may tackle that next.


Hi all, my name is Fabienne, an open Data advocate in Madagascar. Running a non profit organization in Open data … nice to be with all of you here.


Hi! I’m Ed, a freelance writer at career development center and an addicted backpack traveler. Currently learning to code (interested in frontend development).