Vienna Informal Meetings (including OK-AT) 14 March 2016


Topic for organizing and scheduling informal meetings with Rufus on Monday 14th March 2016, especially an informal “Open Knowledge Austria” meeting.

Open Knowledge Austria Meeting

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Other Meetings



Continuing the discussion from Planning an Open Knowledge Meetup in Vienna March 2016:

Planning an Open Knowledge Meetup in Vienna March 2016

/cc @stefankasberger @kalte2707 @pkraker @andyl


i had a call with @peter and @krabina yesterday. both prefer to meet at 4pm. location is still open, but there are many nice kaffees and restaurants around the museumsquartier.

@rufuspollock: is it okay to schedule the 30min press appointment at 2pm?


looking forward to meeting you again :smile:


Looking forward to our informal chat! Sorry for not replying earlier, but I am currently busy with preparing my Shuttleworth application.


@stefankasberger 4pm sounds great so lets confirm that. Can we pick a specific location now (well located for the later event, reasonably quiet, spacious and good wifi sound like the criteria)

Re press meeting I would suggest 3pm at the same location. Once we have location I can notify the press person.

@krabina and @pkraker looking forward to see you.

@krabina / @kalte2707 / @stefankasberger that this post has been circulated to OK-AT folks before the meeting:

I think we could start putting together an agenda for the OK-AT meeting here over the next couple of days. For me, things like:

  • OK-AT update including short summary on e.g.
    • developments in the last year
    • areas of activity
    • structure (and how that is working: including membership model (and no of members), financials
  • OKI and the Network update
  • What’s working and what we could improve
    • Establishing a stronger shared vision and direction
    • Communications
    • Idea of Open Knowledge “Leaders Program”

Any material on the first item that could be circulated in advance to me or posted here would be great.


i will be in the city at 12h30 and will get some food before the day starts.

all meetings before the public meetup will also be in Raum D, we have the space now for the whole afternoon and evening.


@all: great to meet everyone on Monday.

@stefankasberger @sonjafischbauer could we get some notes and links here from the evening e.g.

  • Links to audio
  • Links to radio interviews
  • Links to any posts
  • Links to pictures (or even post them here)

I suggest putting these at the top of this thread in the main topic post - @stefankasberger atm only you can edit but I am sure you can work things out).

@stefankasberger @sonjafischbauer we had a very productive discussion in the afternoon about the vision and approach and you also mentioned your work on a new vision and strategy. As discussed can you share some of this work - either maybe in a new thread or, if not yet ready for full public, please share in a private message thread here on the forum.


Dear @rufuspollock , it’s been great indeed!

I’ve put together a blog post in the form of a personal recap of your visit, it’s scheduled to appear on our blog on Monday, 21 at 11am GMT+1 (CET).

Pictures on flickr: we’re waiting for the pictures from the photographer in the evening, but my snapshots are up already

Interview with Anna Masoner: one article on is up already, 15 March 2016, it has also been broadcasted the same day (audio recording of the broadcast will follow).

The second broadcast on Ö1 Digital Leben is scheduled for 21 March 2016
And the interview with Patrick Dax will appear as an article on sometime next week.

As soon as we’ve got all the pics, videos, links etc. together, I’ll collect them in a second blog post and update the thread here.


Regarding the vision and the goals we can set to achieve it, we are working on it - we’ve got a team call tomorrow afternoon, where I’ll put it on the agenda. I think that after that, either @stefankasberger or I will communicate the first goals we set in either a message or a public thread.


unfortunately, the electricity plug for the camera did not work, so we have no video… :frowning: …but i will upload the audio recording in the next days. the work out of the strategy of ok-at will take some time, but we will highlight the main points in the sum up later this week.


Is there any chance of sharing a google doc with rough draft of the strategy notes asap (even just directly) - they can be unpolished. I ask as that way we keep momentum and do not “lose the thoughts” from last week.


@stefankasberger @sonjafischbauer any update here? Would love to hear what next steps are.

Also, i have an offer from Ashoka Austria folks to support you a bit with strategy (as I am an Ashoka fellow). Would that be helpful?


sorry, but have no time for it this week. i am relocating tomorrow and am pretty busy with university and moving stuff. will do something on the weekend or start of next week. right now i am happy if i get more than 5h of sleep a day, that kind of time. :wink:

regarding ashoka: yes, that would be very nice. is it maybe martin hollinetz? he is a good friend of mine.


Dear @rufuspollock,

We’ve collected all the media links from your visit on our blog:

Support from Ashoka sounds great! I think we could very much benefit from that. You mean like a consulting to review our strategy?

We’ve had a fairly good team call and we all agreed on setting reasonable goals means first making out how much time/commitment everyone on the team can put towards the organization. That’s about what we’re doing right now, getting everyone to commit and then settle on goals - @stefankasberger, is that right? Please correct me if I missed something.


so, our points are closed. i also write right now a strategy doc, but it is in german (can share it if you want). here the main points of our goals from our meetup in vienna:

  • 45 private members
  • 5 company members
  • Funding Strategy until end of the year.
  • improve/sustain 2 projects (e.g. Open Data Portal, Jugend hackt)
  • Revive Open Data community
  • Recruitment strategy till end of Q3


Hi! This thread is great, I just moved it to the Local Group category. :slight_smile:


@stefankasberger this sounds great. I do have one suggestion for a project based on experience elsewhere which is to deploy and run a city open data census in Austria like the ones elsewhere e.g.

You can read more about them here:

These are a great community project and easy to manage and administer.


the city open data census is one of the things i want to establish this year.

@rufuspollock: is there also planned to make an update of the open data census austria? cause i am thinking of doing it before and then starting on a local community level.


@stefankasberger by the “open data census austria” do you mean the entry in

If so that will happen at some point this year and contribution from OK AT will be great.

I cannot recommend booting and running the local city index strongly enough :wink: - it is a great local project and easy for people to contribute to.