Open source software for OER repository


We are building a public OER repository and are trying to identify the best possible system for a small organization or group. We haven’t been able to find comparisons of existing software specifically with OER demands in mind (and what those might be!), and are avoiding standalone CMS (Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress etc.) not specifically suited for this purpose. Our list includes Omeka, Invenio, Islandora, and well, DSpace. Any examples and thoughts on this issue, greatly welcome.


Have you considered using GitBook?


  • Open source.
  • Outputs to pdf, epub, mobi, or as website
  • equation support (MathJax or KaTeX)
  • version control


  • Official version starts pricing after 5 collaborative writers (49$/month but education discount available)
  • Styling of text seems decidedly streamlined; as far as I know, won’t be able to replicate style of popular textbook companies (eg sidebar text sections)

Here are some example books.


You can also consider Bookdown as an alternative to Gitbook


ckan, dkan,, and github come to mind. github isn’t open source, and is a team version of ckan.
personally, i highly recommend ckan. it may not fit 100% for oer, but it is ripe for a fork for other aspects of openness (open access, open education, open science, etc.).