"Open" Supper for Open Knowledge Scotland 16 March 2016


Continuing the discussion from Rufus Pollock Talk in Glasgow on an "Open Information Age" March 16 2016:


[Moving conversation on the supper to this new thread]

@Graham_Steel I would hope @ewan_klein can come!

@ewan_klein will you be able to? Also, will you have any colleagues or students who might come along? Who else is involved in OK Scotland who might be around?


I’m up for the event and supper after …


Yes, I’m planning to be there. I’ve not had huge success in the past in persuading people to come across to Glasgow, but I’ll ask around.

@Graham_Steel: did you ask Lorna/Sheila/Graeme?


Great, thanks @jarofgreen @ewan_klein

Graeme can’t make it.@sheilmcn is a maybe.

@lorna_m_campbell You able to join the gang that night ?


I’m working in Edinburgh on the 16th & won’t be back in Glasgow until about 19.00 but could maybe catch up after. Let me know what your plans are.


OK, thanks @lorna_m_campbell

Plan is for an informal supper at around 19:30.

In terms of a venue, I’m not the best source of info re. the West End of Glasgow.

Lot’s of places on Byers Road which is only 2 minutes away from the venue of the main event.

La Vita Spuntini looks pretty good. If that’s OK with you @rufuspollock I’ll make a reservation.


@Graham_Steel i trust your judgment so please go ahead and reserve.

@lorna_m_campbell we will definitely not be eating before 7:30pm i imagine if not a bit later so definitely should fit with your timings.


Will do @rufuspollock - I’ll make a reservation for 19:30 for 10-12 people…


Table for 10 at 19:30 now booked at Sputini’s, 199 Byers Road as above.


Really sorry I won’t be able to make it. My partner already has a commitment on Wednesday evening so I have to get back home to take over childcare. Will try and come up to catch end of talk once I get back from Edinburgh though.