Remembering Michael Bauer

We are deeply saddened to hear that our colleague and community member Michael Bauer has unexpectedly passed away.

Michael worked with us on staff for more than two years from 2012 until 2014 and has since remained an active part of the community. He played a central role in setting up the School of Data and was an incredible presence both within Open Knowledge International and the wider community - with a great passion for social justice and the role that technology and information could play in achieving that.

He was extraordinary colleague and human being who made a profound impression on all who met him. He will be deeply missed.


I met Michael first when he came to teach us data during Open Data Bootcamp in Kathmandu. His enthusiasm was contagious. He taught us the fundamentals, yet asked for our suggestions on the new interactive visualizations he was working on, and took them, too. He then made suggested changes immediately and asked us for feedback again. He was the mathematics teacher I wish I had in primary school.

During the Open Knowledge Festival in Berlin, he coordinated the army of volunteers of which I was a satisfied recruit. He helped me with the ways around the fabulous city of Berlin, explaining the S and U - bahns, why it turned dark so late in Europe, and other small things I would have been too embarrassed to ask anybody else. He was a great teacher, and a greater soul.

As we say in Nepal, May His Soul Rest in Eternal Peace!

-Kshitiz Khanal, Open Knowledge Nepal

I never met Michael in person, but I could tell from our email exchanges that he was an energetic, kind and passionate individual. I was struggling to use the OKF reconcile csv using Open Refine and, despite what must have been my frustratingly basic understanding of code, he was patient and quick to respond to any of my questions.

Sincere condolences to his friends and family.