Small and medium size Hotels: Applied hotel segments and technology of information and communication


My name is Roberto Jeolas and i have been working and researching on small and medium size hotels on the brazilian tourism destination. Please feel free to contact me on hotels segments, researchs applying technology of information and communication

This academic thesis is the result of the bibliographic review research to elaborate the final work of conclusion of the specialization course MBA on Business Strategy postgraduate degree. The objective was to map studies carried out in the area of hospitality, with a cut in the segment of small and medium-sized hotel companies in the State of S√£o Paulo. Information and data on this sector were also raised, which allowed to delineate a panorama of its current situation. The result of the research and the systematization of the data found will make it possible to indicate and subsidize future researches necessary in this field, especially on the adequacy of the sector to the existing hotel market. Existing Means of Lodging were surveyed according to hotel segmentation and current segmentation practices in the State of S√£o Paulo, according to data from the Tourism Regionalization Program of the Ministry of Tourism. They include 28 consolidated macro tourist regions that have adopted the following parameters: geographical proximity, attractions and specific local tourist characteristics. These have been the basis for the development of programs and projects by the Government of the State of S√£o Paulo. The data obtained and the literature review allowed to evaluate the current situation of the positioning of these companies. The results indicate that the adequacy and improvement of strategic positioning should be practiced for the improvement of its Market Share and, consequently, for the increase of the sales in order to keep them competitive in the market and aiming, mainly, the confrontation of modalities of Disruptive marketing.


Key Words: Hospitality, Services, Accommodation Means. Hotel Rating. Hotel associations.Non governmental hotel association.

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