Welcome to the Free & Open Works Wiki

Welcome! And thanks to OKF for setting us up with a forum here.

The Free & Open Works! wiki is a database of thousands of free and open works (as well as select other works under more limited NonCommercial or NoDerivatives licences).

Check it out: http://faow.referata.com/

Unfortunately it’s running slowly at the moment because it gets free hosting. It’s a Semantic MediaWiki site, which makes finding it a new home a bit difficult.


Welcome @Sanglorian!

What’s needed to keep it or a copy of it online? Given the effectiveness of non-SMW templates drawing from Wikibase instances, these days – and the existence of Wikispore – would conversion to non-SMW or migration to becoming a Wikispore project help?

The link is unfortunately not responding at all from here.

Thanks for the interest folks, and sorry for the delay getting back to you.

Unfortunately it looks like the hosting site is down - for a while if not for good. I’d love to transfer the wiki somewhere else, although I don’t have the technical aptitude myself.

I do have backups though, and I’ve uploaded the most recent of them as an XML file to the Internet Archive. I hope there’s some way for this project to live on.

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The wiki is back! Thanks to the good folks at Referata. It does run quite slowly, though. Would be a good time to convert it to a static wiki if there was interest - would break my heart a little to lose the quality of life improvements that SMW provides, but given how rarely the site is updated now it might be better for the site’s long-term survivability.