What do demand in terms of weather forecast for cities?


Hello all!

I’m concerned with what to demand from a city government in terms of weather forecast open data.

Here in Rio de Janeiro, I have everyday data for meteorological registers by monitoring station (temperatures, wind, precipitation). And this is open, downloadable in machine readable format, from 1997 to the current day, updated every 15 minutes. In this case i’m replacing “data by regions in the country” for “data by monitoring stations in the city”.

However, forecast data is not in open format. There is no forecasts by monitoring station (or regions in the city), no objective data (precipitation amount, wind speed, etc) and no download option in any format.

I’m not sure if the methodology requires that the city produces open data by monitoring station for weather forecasts (we don’t have this even for the national level). I just wanted to make sure that I have to evaluate the city the way it is for forecasts, or if it makes sense to consider historical/current open registers per monitoring station as a good practice instead of forecasts.

What do you think? @tlacoyodefrijol @Mor

Thanks in advance for your responses.