Recent elimination of the "projects" category breaks links

Some time in the last couple of weeks a bunch of projects on the forum got moved from being subcategories of /project/ to top level categories e.g. ckan, opentrials.

I wanted to flag that this will have broken all existing links to those categories … (discuss does not implement nice redirects for categories …).

As one example, the link to the discuss forum on front page of is now broken … - to Open Trials - Open Knowledge Forums

Can we try and implement redirects for these?

Aside: can we flag major category changes like this here in meta before implementing? @nealbastek @danfowler and I discussed precisely this issue last September and would have been able to flag the issue if we had been notified in advance …

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Since we first looked at this, Discourse now supports category redirects. What is weird is that these redirects worked when I first moved these categories, and some of the category redirects I put in place do still work:

e.g. c/open-knowledge-labs/frictionless-data → Frictionless Data - Open Knowledge Forums

Great! Not sure why opentrials is being weird then …

It seems this Discourse permalink/redirect behavior is somehow cached.

@danfowler looks like this is all working again which is great. If it is could i request that we change

Open Knowledge Labs - Open Knowledge Forums to (and rename the Category generally to just Labs)

I’m still a little wary of renaming categories. I would like to file a bug request with Discourse before doing it again as the forum was exhibiting some strange behavior when it came to category redirects.