Entry for companies / Nepal


This is a discussion about the submission for companies / nepal.

Gone through reviewer comment, One indicator “Company Address” was unavailable and whole Submission was rejected. Bit confused and would like to discuss cuz previously I saw this initiative of Office of Company Register, Nepal as a good progress towards of Open Data. Seeing zero out their at Index can hurt them :stuck_out_tongue:



Hi Nikesh,

We understand this concern let me refer you to this topic. Please also join our main discussion around whether we should weight our scoring according to how many characteristics we find or not.

We know that the presentation of our results this year are considered controversial this year. We opened a topic so everyone can tell us how they use the index and how we can make our results more useful. Please do join this topic and tell us how we could improve.



Hi @dannylammerhirt,

I totally understand it, but after the launch of Open Data Barometer there is some discussion ongoing within Open Data CSO working here at Nepal and some are confused too. ODB had marked this dataset as a valid data and had given it 80% of openness and here at GODI, we had marked it as an un-valid data. Aren’t we using same standards in methodology??



Nepal’s result at ODB: http://opendatabarometer.org/4thedition/detail-country/?_year=2016&indicator=ODB&detail=NPL



Hi @nikeshbalami - the answer to your question is no, the ODB and GODI do not use the same categories and methodologies to look at open data publication. ODB accommodates many form of the data, even if crucial fields are missing while GODI does not.

GODI will work on looking better at data definitions. In he meanwhile, it will be good if you can see why the company house is not publishing the addresses and maybe write to the OKI blog about it?